Lobby in Jefferson City

Lobby at the Capitol

The Show-Me Freedom in Healthcare PAC strongly encourages citizen lobbying and advocacy. 
When citizens come to the Capitol themselves, rather than just hiring a lobbyist, legislators begin to understand the personal effect that these issues have on people back at home. They see real faces and see hear real stories from people who really care about the issue,

You may not be an expert or a professional, but you care.

That will make an impact.

Come and share your story!

We attempt to match up new people who come to spend a day with our seasoned lobbyists that know their way around. So, just come with willing hands, feet, and voice! You will have fun… and you will learn, not only is it not as hard as you think, but your voice will make a difference!

The legislators are in session from Monday – Thursday, and some Fridays. Check our event calendar for days of session and let us know what day(s) you will be available on our volunteer form.

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